Tonari no Kenkyuusei Mashimahimeko

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Tonari no Kenkyuusei Mashimahimeko
Universe sanrio
Full name/Real name/Shorter name kenkyuusei
Japanese name となりの研究生マシマヒメコ
First appearance 2008
Based on Human
Gender Female
Nationality japan
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Tonari no Kenkyuusei Mashimahimeko is a Sanrio universe introduced in 2018.

Profile[edit | edit source]

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The universe features a girl whose birthday is on July 22nd.

After a past of finding tuna from the Tama River, she now works as a research student in an office but struggles with this. She likes medium sized fatty (specifically known as Chūtoro) and pizza flavoured potato chips/crisps. She doesn't like crustaceans.

While on holiday, she enjoys staying inside and watching her favourite music videos.

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