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Universe Umeyazakkaten
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Umeyazakkaten
Japanese name ウメ屋雑貨店
First appearance 1987
Based on Old lady
Gender Female
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Umeyazakkaten is a Sanrio universe and character, introduced in 1987 based on an old lady who runs a general store. She is depicted holding flowers while sitting down on possibly a zabuton, wearing glasses, and with possibly labels on her forehead.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Her birthday is on May 18th. She runs a general store and lives with her cat called Tora. The shop is full of children and adults drinking tea. She is good at temari (a Japanese handball game), otedama (a juggling bags game), and marbles. She lives next to Yone-baachan who runs a hardware store and is always smiling, not worrying about little things. There is also a boyfriend in the franchise called Tatsuyoshi-san who treasures his sweater from Umeyazakkaten.