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Hi there, I'm Torchickens. ^^ ("Evie Melody [secret]". my bae is another girl, she said she wants me to be of her surname too). My name is not a reference to KFC but rather a cuter name for (a group of friends of) the Pokémon Torchic.
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She started the ShoutWiki Sanrio Wiki and loves Sanrio both for their characters and details about the company itself. She loves chickens like Friendly Kokochan and birds but silly her, she started to like owls even though they eat chickens and because she loves R too much, now likes snakes; a typical Eve she is~ <3

Well.. she is an ambivert, sometimes introvert, sometimes extrovert; it's hard to tell.. Her birthday is February 5th (Aquarius), but insists this was a mistake and she is Capricorn like My Melody. At least she is Viss then; 'cause she looks like a water-bearer Viss is cute.. Cutely, her former surname also rhymes has phonemes Viss (OK.. fine it's Jarvis but I won't tell you my real name >_<;)!!

She loves My Melody, Friendly Kokochan, Cogimyun best ("the trilogy"). Also Hello Kitty and 'da fish, obviously..

Evie's checklist:

Start articles on:

  • All Sanrio Timenet monsters, and returning characters in Space-Net
  • All Strawberry News issues up to today
  • All Hello Kitty, the official magazine issues up to today
  • More characters, in particular sub-franchise characters. If it's cleared up, maybe Inspace and Timenet characters will get their own articles not just from Sanrio Timenet too.
Trying Aggretsuko and Shinkaizoku

Add these and these

These articles cannot be mainspaced yet:

User:Torchickens/Imagineer Wiki

New policy means I'll add it.

From Evie (Torchickens) ✿ 23:22, 16 August 2019 (UTC)

Character sources[edit]

These sources are very helpful for creating pages about Sanrio characters.

Shortcut to character template:

{{Character |links= |universe= |full name= |Japanese= |first appearance= |based on= |gender= |nationality= }}

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