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Universe WaffleKids
Japanese name ワッフルキッズ
First appearance 1990
Based on Bears, rabbit, porcupine, woodpecker, dog
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Wafflekids is a Sanrio universe, introduced in 1990.

Profile[edit | edit source]

The Wafflekids live Pancake Town and consist of characters Waffle, Muffin (both bears, one male, one female) Fritter (a porcupine), Cookie (a rabbit), Taffy (a woodpecker) and Pistachio (a dog).

Each have a different personality; Waffle is a boy and is a little careless but always tries his best, and does whatever it takes to succeed. Muffin is a reliable older sister type of character. Fritter is a smart and a little spoiled male. Cookie is a male fashionable bunny character who is also a show-off. Taffy is a male woodpecker who likes to talk. Pistachio is male and a reticent, romantic artist type.