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Universe WeAreDinosaurs!
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Tyran, Tops, Tera, Bront, Blacky, Stega
Japanese name ウィアーダイナソアーズ,
First appearance 1992
Based on Dinosaurs

WeAreDinosaurs! or WeAreDinosaurs refers to a 1992 Sanrio universe with dinosaur characters consisting of Tiran the tyrannosaurus, Tera the pterodactyl, Blacky, Stega the stegosaurus and Tops the triceratops. In addition, there are "many more fun friends as well".[1]

For unknown reasons, Stega is not included in the official Japanese Sanrio website's group picture for its "WeAreDinosaurs!" page.

A character similar to Blacky known as Bront also exists. They look like a green version of Blacky and may have been replaced by him.

Biographies[edit | edit source]

Tiran, Tops, Tera, Blacky and Stega are all described as jolly and energetic dinosaurs.

Tiran is an dark orange tyrannosaurus. He is careless but strong and is a reliable leader.

Tops is a bright orange triceratops. S/he is proud of his/her three horns and head frill and is the most fashionable among the five.

Tera is a blue pterodactyl. Tera flies through the sky excitable and impatiently[2], though they are described negatively as being nosy or meddling and as a "timeserver".

Blacky is a red or green brontosaurus who likes to walk and eat the leaves on trees.

Stega the pink or green stegosaurus is characterized by his/her dorsal fin. Stega loves flowers, all things pretty and has a kind and gentle personality.[3]

Stuffed toys[edit | edit source]

Apparently Sanrio released stuffed toys of the WeAreDinosaurs! characters (with Bront instead of Blacky) excluding Tera. [4]

References[edit | edit source]