White Zakkī

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White Zakkī
Universe Unknown,
Appears in Sanrio Timenet and related to Monster Zakki from the Donragon universe.
Japanese name ホワイトザッキー
First appearance 1990s?
Based on A woman
Gender Female
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White Zakkī (Japanese: ホワイトザッキー) is a monster and the final boss of Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Mirai Hen.

In the boss battle with her, she appears as a smiling woman with long black hair wearing a white dress with a black up and down curve pattern on it.

White Zakkī looks like much like the woman who cried out for help at the beginning of the game before the hero or heroine was sent into Field or Bio Farm and may actually be her.

White Zakkī is fought at level 99 in Mars Tower immediately after the battle with Monster Zakki. Her battle shout is "Hohoho!!"「ほーっほっほ!!」.

Like Monster Zakki, she can summon monsters as substitutes and is able to heal her health, making the battle extremely difficult. After White Zakkī is defeated, the Toki no Roujin arrives, the Pillar of Time is completed, and the world of Timenet starts moving again.[clarification needed]

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