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The Wii U is a video game home console by Nintendo that is part of the eighth-generation of video game consoles, and the successor to the Wii.

It was released in the United States and Canada on November 18, 2012, Mexico and South Africa on November 29, 2012, Europe and Australia on November 30, 2012, Japan on December 8, 2012 and Brazil on November 26, 2013.

The console introduced a concept referred to as "asymmetric gameplay", in which gameplay is shown on both the television and a black pad that is often used as the controller, known as the Wii U GamePad. Some games use the GamePad in special ways (for example, it could be used for purposes such as a map for the gameplay on the television) but many games just use the GamePad as a second screen.

The console features backwards compatibility with the Wii.

List of Sanrio games for Wii U[edit]

See Category:Wii U games.

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