Youkai Kids

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Youkai Kids
Youkai Kids.png
Universe Youkai Kids
Japanese name ようかいきっず(ドラムスコ, マジョリン, シランケン, 一ツ目コウゾウ, ウーロン, カサ坊, ミイラゴン, オオモリ, ゴウスケ不明, 玉三郎, カッペー)
First appearance 1986
Based on Youkai
Gender Male, Female
Nationality Japanese (Hitotsume Uzou, Kasabou)
Chinese (Ūron)

The Youkai Kids are a group of Sanrio characters introduced in 1986. They are based on Youkai, a Japanese term for a class of supernatural beings and many resemble humans. They like to cause mischief. They attend school with the aim of becoming respectable monsters.[1]

List of Youkai Kids[edit | edit source]

Romanized name Japanese name Birthday Based on
Dramsko ドラムスコ February 17th Son of Dracula
Majorin マジョリン August 17th Witch
Shiranken シランケン December 16th Frankenstein's monster
Hitotsume Uzou 一ツ目コウゾウ November 8th Cyclops
Ūron ウーロン December 21st Dragon
Kasabou カサ坊 September 10th Umbrella
Miiragon ミイラゴン May 2nd Mummy
Oomori オオモリ October 9th
Gousuke ゴウスケ不明 Unknown
Tamasaburou 玉三郎 August 30th
Kappē カッペー November 7th

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