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Kuromis pretty journey

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kuromi is My Melody's self-proclaimed rival. She resembles My Melody but has a black hood with pink skull motif expressing an 'I rock' message, spiky ears, and a devil-like tail.

She is mischievous or troublesome and is trademarked as "cheeky but charming" on the official Japanese Sanrio website.[1]

Her birthday is October 31st (Halloween).

Kuromi is a "tomboy"[2] with "a rowdy free spirit", however, she is in fact "quite girly on the inside" and has a soft spot for cute guys.[3]

She likes to keep a diary as a hobby and has become addicted to romance novels. Her favourite colour is black. Her favourite food is pickled onions or rakkyou. She has a minion known as "Baku" who flies in the sky. She is also the leader of a biker gang known as "KUROMI'S5". ♡︎

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Kuromi Is My favorite. mine too!!! Hello Kitty Members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KUROMIIII IS THE BESTTTTTTTTTT

I love her sooo much-kelsi