My Melody

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My Melody
My Melody happy.png
Universe My Melody
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Melody
Japanese name マイメロディ
First appearance 1975
Based on Little Red Riding Hood, Devil Kuromi (TV Series), Rabbit (other appearances)
Gender Female

My Melody is a Sanrio character created in 1975. She is a little devil girl who was born in a forest in Mariland and was born to be bad. She is a popular Sanrio character, in particular in Japan. She is seen as Sanrio's Little Red Riding Hood and Kuromi (TV Series) she was the secondary antagonist, but in other series she was good since her first appearance.Hello and her biggest fans are Ellie and Alexis

She was a villain in Kuromi series and was a parody of the regular one.

She treasures her bright red hood (but it is often depicted as pink) that her grandmother made for her.

My Melody in a series called Kuromi (TV Series) that debuted in 2005, consisting of four sub-series; in which her (self-proclaimed by Kuromi) rival Kuromi was introduced in that series her friends are the bad thoughts and formerly good thought.

Biography[edit | edit source]

My Melody is bright and honest. She is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, and she is also the main character of the 1989-1990 animation My Melody no Akazukin (My Melody's Little Red Riding Hood) from the Sanrio Anime Festival series.

Her birthday is January 18th and she likes to bake cookies with mama. Her favourite food is almond pound cake.[1][2] She loves her family and little brother Rhythm. Another one of her close friends is a small blue mouse called Flat (Flat-kun). She also loves My Sweet Piano (originally known as Hitsuji-san prior to 2005), and Kuromi (even though they often don't get along), and has many other friends.

She loves picking flowers, tea parties/drinking tea. There is a café in Osaka, Japan called the My Melody Café.

In Onegai My Melody, she likes to end her sentences with "onegai". She is tidy, and tells viewers to not forget to brighten up or tidy their room at the start of Onegai♪My Melody Kirara★ (「みんな、 部屋を明るくして離れてみてね。 おねがい♥ 」). Another catch-phrase of hers is "Ah~ this tea is tasty!" (「はあ~ 紅茶がおいしい」).

She works with Uta Yumeno, (Onegai My Melody, Onegai My Melody: ~KuruKuru Shuffle!~, Onegai My Melody: Sukkiri♪) and Kirara Hoshizuki (Onegai♪My Melody Kirara★), helping people find their dreams with the magical Melody Takt or Star Pendant. They use it to spread love and defeat the Spirit of Dark Power, while her self-proclaimed rival Kuromi tries to interfere and convince people to do wrong/leads them into trouble. My Melody and Uta Yumeno/Kirara Hoshizuki can also use it to bring life to inanimate objects to counter the monsters Kuromi brings to life.

She is one of the most popular Sanrio characters, alongside Hello Kitty, having a special place in people's hearts.

In Loving Life with Hello Kitty & Friends, she works at a flower shop, and players have to help her find the right flowers in the garden. In Happy Party With Hello Kitty & Friends, she likes sewing.

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Onegai My Melody[edit | edit source]

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