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Summary[edit source]

Main Page circa March 2021

Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki, or simply Sanrio Wiki is an open-content encyclopedia about the Japanese company Sanrio, its subsidiaries and affiliates. Sanrio is a lifestyle brand that aims to spread heart-felt emotion under the philosophy "Small Gift Big Smile".

Sanrio produces and licenses gifts of many kinds. It also works in the publishing and animation industries and runs a franchise of KFC in Saitama, Japan.

Sanrio is loved for its many 'cute' original characters, such as the popular Hello Kitty and other lesser known characters such as My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Keroppi and Hangyodon. It owns rights to the Mr. Men and Peanuts franchises in Japan.

Status[edit source]

Sanrio Wiki is a newly founded project that was started on April 14, 2015 by Torchickens (Talk). It is hosted on the wiki-farm Shout Wiki, where anyone can create a wiki run under MediaWiki.

The wiki will always be run by fans and is not affiliated with Sanrio or its affiliates and subsidiaries.

Content on this wiki cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Torchickens is also considering eventually exporting this wiki to her own independent hosting, but there are no solid plans as present.

Policies[edit source]

Update as of February 2021: Please include a first party source (such as a Sanrio website, publication or official image) for character articles, since fan made characters can get mixed in with real ones. If an article looks unusual or there is not enough information, it might get deleted.

First don't worry if you're new and make a mistake we will amend it for you. ^^

Also write in whichever style you want on the mainspace (this includes article pages but not files, talk pages, user pages), but providing:

Coverage[edit source]

  • All content in the main-space must be relevant to Sanrio. There is an inclusive approach so anything that includes Sanrio characters or has had relationships with Sanrio can be added. There may be a few case-by-case situations; as such:
    • Outlier 1: Space-Net: Cosmo Red and Blue (and Cosmo Neo) are spiritual successors to Sanrio Timenet: Kako-Hen and Mirai-Hen, but most of the characters have never interacted with Sanrio characters. Therefore, originally characters such as "Tink" were not covered except on Space-Net characters, but can be covered in more depth on sites like Imagineer Wiki instead. Alternatively, and on hindsight, a user can still create Space-Net exclusive articles if they desire; due to Hisato Inoue's past involvement with Timenet in general.
    • Outlier 2: Sanrio characters have appeared in the Animal Crossing series, but coverage will be minimal (no non-Sanrio villagers, items, etc. will be covered as it clashes with other Animal Crossing resources).

Style[edit source]

  • Please write articles in the main-space (content articles such as Cinnamoroll) in the third-person. This means do not use words such as "you", "I" or "we". However, they can be substituted for words such as "people", "player(s)", "the player", "they". The purpose of this policy is to keep this website close to a formal encyclopedia.
  • For Japanese names, translations may be used for articles named after general words, but when the subject has a proper noun, or katakana representations of English, or is referring to a character, game, television show/anime episode, comic/manga series, publication or chapter it is kept in romanised Japanese. (For example, Postman (Hello Kitty no Happy House) contrasted with Onegai My Melody: ~KuruKuru Shuffle!~.
    • In the case that the media has an official English translation, this rule is overrided and the English version is used instead.

Privacy[edit source]

  • When adding merchandise images from places like auction sites, please don't state the seller's name as the source in case they don't want their username revealed for non-commercial reasons; rather just that you found it on auction.
  • Please don't add images of Sanrio people from social media, however, pictures from interviews and commercial products (e.g. books) is allowed.
  • Leaked content is permitted on a case by case basis, based on factors such as the age of the content leaked (e.g. Hello Kitty Pocket Camera is from the '90s so is more permissible than a 2020s leak); and must still fall under fair use (when disseminating it please use a limited number of media and in low resolution).

Fair use and copyright[edit source]

  • Since copyright on a character development company may be more sensitive, copyrighted images including characters can only have that character as a maximum of 400 pixels wide/high to qualify as fair use. Otherwise, a high resolution is fine.
  • Copying information word for word on to the Sanrio Wiki from places where you are not the author (such as Wikipedia) is not allowed. However, you can put them in your own words and cite the original page.
  • For copyrighted audio clips (it is possible to upload .ogg music files and link to them to play in your browser), there is no clear rule but they should be of relatively low quality and contain only a small portion of the media. Additionally, the .ogg must not come from a leak, but if the music is otherwise used in another non-leaked source, this version can be used instead.
  • Do not link to piracy sites, pirated media, or endorse them.

Other rules[edit source]

Policies -

  • If citing a secondary or tertiary source, be sure to note the author in addition to citing the primary source if known.
  • There is no notability rule, as long as it's linked with Sanrio or Timenet. This includes very minor details such as the llama from Kennedy Publishing's Hello Kitty magazine.
  • Freedom of expression is good; so adding as ~, ^^, :( to articles is welcome. This doesn't mean you have to not add them or take a serious style though.
  • Original research is welcome based on trust, but there should be one image of the subject and/or one official source, at least.
  • No fanon is accepted unless on Sanrio Wiki:Artwork Portal, Sanrio Wiki:Fanfiction Portal, any potential other portals. Individual creations are /(your subject).
  • Censorship may be handled depending on the context.
    • Darker topic gets the {{Explicit}} template.
    • Divination, uranai and fortune telling will get a safety warning.
    • Media which may cause photo-sensitive epilepsy is strictly prohibited, except for the media's description in word.
    • Leaks are covered if over 2 years old (e.g. Hello Kitty Pocket Camera), yet it's not legal to have non-fair use versions of the links (e.g. it's not acceptable to upload the ROM of that game). User data, photographs of people, data identifying a person are strictly prohibited.
  • Hate speech on the wiki is also strictly prohibited, for all namespaces.
  • Kawaii is considered different to cute here in a cultural way, but it's not a strict rule to distinguish them; anything here can be described as either cute or kawaii, depending on opinion.

Help[edit source]

Main article: Sanrio Wiki:Editing help.

Contact[edit source]

If you have any questions or issues related to the wiki, please contact Torchickens. She will try her best to get back to you. If you have a problem related to Shout Wiki itself, please contact a ShoutWiki Staff member.

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