Hello Kitty no Happy House

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Hello Kitty no Happy House
Hello Kitty no Happy House.png
Release date(s) Japan March 2, 2002
Genre "Character communication"[1], Minigames
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Serial code(s) CGB-BK7J-JPN

Hello Kitty no Happy House (Japanese: ハローキティのハッピーハウス) (© 2002 MTO Inc./ Tenyo Co., Ltd) is a video game for Nintendo's Game Boy Color system that was released only in Japan.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In this game the player is able to manage and overlook a house owned by Hello Kitty known as Happy House. The player can decorate the Happy House with furniture and this can influence the way Hello Kitty behaves. Furthermore, as the game progresses the player is able to teach Hello Kitty new words.

The game is one of the few games with support for Nintendo's obscure Mobile GB Adapter which allowed players to connect to a mobile phone network known as Mobile System GB. Until it was discontinued players could use the service to send mail to friends and also furniture.[2]

There are additionally a few minigames in the game including "Bookcase Sorting" (Japanese: 本棚整理, Hondana Seiri ), "Fruits Collection" (Japanese: フルーツ集め, Fruit Atsume) and "Flower Care" (Japanese: お花育て, Ohana Sodate).

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