Patty Patty wa Onna no Ko Jimmy Jimmy wa Otoko no Ko

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Patty Patty wa Onna no Ko Jimmy Jimmy wa Otoko no Ko (Japanese: パティ パティは女の子 ジミー ジミーは男の子) is the B-side song to the 1977 Minnā Issho ni: Patty & Jimmy Sanrio Record.

Lyrics (English)[edit | edit source]

Patty Patty is a Girl Jimmy Jimmy is a Boy/Patty & Jimmy

From time to time  they also fight but
If Jimmy is by her side
Patty’s day  is manageable somehow
Outside is raining Saturday
Arithmetic homework page 3
The phone is ringing koro koro
“Hello, so today 
I have something important to ask you”
After hearing that much   He already understands
“Bring your notebook     Come over to my house”
Bad at studying airheaded Patty
Would be helpless without Jimmy (right?)

From time to time they fail but
If Patty is by his side
Jimmy starts to feel like a grownup
Gentle breeze breezy breeze lets race
He stumbles on a small rock   Su-ton-tonton
Gets another small scrape on his knee
“Oh Jimmy  you ripped your pants”
If Patty’s watching he can’t cry
“I’m a boy after all”
Hiding his tears brave Jimmy
Because Patty is there he is strong (right?)

Patty Patty girl
Jimmy Jimmy boy

Even if it’s something they can’t do alone
The two of them must be able to do it
Patty’s braids are dancing
Jimmy is thinking real hard
Well now      Next time the two of them
What tricks will they think up?


References[edit source]

  1. Thanks Starshooter who got it translated through Fiverr, and the translator.
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