Sanrio Uranai Party

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Sanrio Uranai Party
Publisher(s) Imagineer
Release date(s)
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December 5, 1997
Genre Fortune-telling/compatibility checker
Platform(s) Game Boy
Serial code(s) DMG-AG7J
Disclaimer: It is suggested any form of fortune-telling/divination should be taken with a pinch of salt and is not to be taken seriously. It can also become potentially dangerous to one's well-being if one is sensitive and becomes dependent on it.

Sanrio Uranai Party (©1997 Imagineer) is a fortune-telling game for Nintendo's Game Boy series of gaming consoles.


The player can choose to either have their fortune told (money, love, health, general) or they can do a compatibility check between one person and another person in friendship or love. The player must enter their date of birth, gender and blood type before getting their fortune told.

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