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Universe DokidokiYummychums
Japanese name あこPマン
First appearance 2003
Gender Male
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AkoPMan is a Sanrio character from the DokidokiYummychums universe, introduced in 2003.[1]


For at least one artwork of AkoPMan, he appears as a red-caped man wearing a yellow shirt with the hiragana "あ" on it. AkoPMan has brown hair that goes all around the edges of his face. He has two diagonal lines for eyes, and no visible nose or mouth. He wears a yellow hat with a red "D" on it that appears to be shaped like a cube. A yellow star can be seen next to him in his artwork.

AkoPMan likes to tour the café. His favourite food is wood ear mushroom.

In his motto, he talks about how the heart of he or the driver[clarification needed] was pounding when he went on the bus but couldn't afford the bus fare. The price of the bus fare was 200 yen, however AkoPMan only had 148 yen in his wallet.