Bad Badtz-Maru: Robo Battle

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Bad Badtz-Maru: Robo Battle
Bad Badtz-Maru Robo Battle.png
Publisher(s) Imagineer
Release date(s) Japan August 10 2001
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Player mode(s) 1-2 players (communication e.g. battling)
Serial code(s) CGB-BBRJ-JPN
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Bad Badtz-Maru: Robo Battle (Japanese: バッドばつ丸ロボバトル) is a video game published by Imagineer for the Game Boy Color, with board-game, dice and role-playing game elements.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Bad Badtz-Maru takes part in an event in Gorgeous Town called Gorgeous-Hai Robo Battle Tournament (Japanese: ゴージャス杯ロボバトルトーナメント). In this event, Bad Badtz-Maru must compete with friends Ijuuin Pandaba and Good Hanamaru in order to strengthen robotic equipment in events known as "Robo Battles". The player can gain experience to strengthen the robots. Different types of parts include "normal" (Japanese: 通常), "sengoku bushou" (Japanese: 戦国武将) and "animal" (Japanese: 動物). There are over 800,000 possible combinations of parts.[1]

A penguin known as the kobun (Japanese: こぶん), literally "follower", possibly Kobun, a henchman to Bad Badtz-Maru's papa acts as a guide to the game.

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