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Japanese name こぎみゅん
First appearance 2015
Based on Sentient wheat flour
Gender Female
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Cogimyun is a Sanrio character, introduced in 2015.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Cogimyun is based on a wheat flour spirit, known as a Kogimūna. Cogimyun wants to be a rice ball, but doesn't actually know what one is. According to the official link, she has a 'fickle'/'sad'/or 'vain' personality; nevertheless very passive, pure, innocent; with the deepest hidden affection, especially for her food friend Ebifurai. Her grandpa is a manager of a company called Cogimu Corporation, although since he is travelling Cogimyun is now the manager. Her birthday is May 7th (powder day).

Friends[edit | edit source]

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