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Hangyodon 2.png
Universe Hangyodon
Full name/Real name Hangyodon
Japanese name ハンギョドン
First appearance 1985
Based on Fish-like creature
Gender Male
Nationality Chinese

Hangyodon is a 1985 Sanrio character resembling a blue fish like creature.


Hangyodon was born in China. His birthday is March 14th (Pisces) and his best friend is Sayuri the octopus.[1] He is blood type "B".

Hangyodon is good at acting as a comedian, but he is sensitive and lonely deep down. He dreams of being a hero but somehow things "never go according to plan".

His favourite things include hiyashi chūka, Ebisen, nabemono and hot springs.[2]

Friends and related characters[edit]

In video games[edit]

In Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Mirai Hen[edit]

Main article: Hangyodon (Sanrio Timenet).

Hangyodon appears as a monster in Imagineer's monster battling games Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Sanrio Timenet: Mirai Hen for the Game Boy. He is a water-type monster who is monster #159 in the monster list.

In the games, the player can interact with him on Mars Tower's fourth floor and battle him at level 35. This is almost at the end of the game's main story. He can apparently be captured with the Digital Camera, although capturing him is extremely difficult even when he is on 1 HP. Hangyodon does not appear elsewhere.

Hangyodon challenges the player because he doesn't know who they are, and forbids intruders from passing. After he is defeated, the player is challenged by his evolved form Great Hangyo at level 38. After Great Hangyo is defeated, the player is challenged by Hangyodon Robo (Hangyodon in a robot with his friend Sayuri); the evolution of Great Hangyo, at level 40. The player can attempt to capture Great Hangyo and Hangyodon Robo like Hangyodon.

After Hangyodon Robo is defeated, the Hangyodon character will walk off. After completing the game, the player has a second chance to battle Hangyodon Robo, who comments it was a while since he last battled the player. This time he is fought at level 55, and he does not like it when the player beats him again.

Hangyodon's starting move is Punch but he can also learn Rush Punch, Accident Repair, Tetsujin Skill and Hadouhou respectively through reaching his Skill Point targets.

Hangyodon evolves into Great Hangyo at level 30. Great Hangyo evolves into Hangyodon Robo at level 60.

Hangyodon is special for being an original Sanrio character who is a Sanrio Timenet monster and not a regular story character; because other characters such as My Melody are not trainable monsters in this game.


No. 158 No. 159 No. 160
Time Surfer Hangyodon Great Hangyo