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Japanese name はんなりこまち
First appearance 2001
Nationality Japanese
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Hannarikomachi is a Sanrio universe, introduced in 2001.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Hannarikomachi (birthday March 3rd) is a traditional cat from Japan. Their face is different to Hello Kitty and their ears are closer to the middle of their head. They have pink cheeks, no visible whiskers and can be seen wearing a pink and white shirt, while sitting on a purple cushion. They can also be seen wearing a flower like accessory on their ear.

Hannarikomachi was born and raised in Kyoto and is inspired by ancient Japan. They enjoy walking around gardens, and is skilled in calligraphy. Their favourite word is 才色兼備 【さいしょくけんび】 (meaning "a woman both intelligent and beautiful"). Their favourite thing to eat is three colourful Kyoto dumplings.