Hoshi to Hana no Densetsu

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Hoshi to Hana no Densetsu
Hoshi to Hana no Densetsu.png
Universe Hoshi to Hana no Densetsu
Japanese name 星と花の伝説
First appearance 1976
Based on Fantasy, mythology

Hoshi to Hana no Densetsu (the Legend of the Stars and Flowers) is a Sanrio universe, originating in 1976[1].

It was published for the Gift Mini Book Series, and was serialised too in The Strawberry News. It is themed around mythology and fantasy, and features the chosen boy Orion. It is a sad but beautiful story surrounding the moon goddess Artemis.[2]

Possibly inspired by this franchise, a My Melody performance was made called My Melody no Hoshi to Hana no Densetsu; published on DVD.

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