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Universe Kerokerokeroppi
Japanese name けろりーぬ
Based on Girl frog
Gender Female
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2. Official English Sanrio website - Kerokerokeroppi family and friends page.
3. Official Japanese Sanrio website (archived English version from 2012) - Kerokerokeroppi friends page.

Keroleen is a Sanrio character from the Kerokerokeroppi universe.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Keroleen's is friends with Kerokerokeroppi. Her birthday on January 21st.[1]

In her Sanrio Timeline artwork, Keroleen appears as a frog girl with light-brown pigtail hair and red ribbons on each side. She wears a red dress with a white polka-dot pattern and black tie. She has two pink circles on her cheek.

Keroleen is a kind girl and acts as a peace-maker after an argument or a fight. She is passionate about fashion and collecting new clothes. She can rarely be seen wearing the same clothes twice. Her favourite outfit is her polka-dot dress, and is learning about Donut Pond cooking from Keroppi's mother. She can "leapfrog into a new costume before you can say 'ribbit'".

References[edit | edit source]