Little Twin Stars

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Little Twin Stars
Little Twin Stars combined EVA Air artwork.png
Universe Little Twin Stars
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Kiki (boy) and Lala (girl)
Japanese name リトルツインスターズ,
キキ, ララ
First appearance 1975
Based on Angels
Gender Kiki: Male,
Lala: Female

The Little Twin Stars (Japanese: リトルツインスターズ) are a pair of Sanrio siblings created in 1975. They are similar to angels and consist of a little boy with blue hair called Kiki and a little girl called Lala with long pink hair. Kiki and Lala have also been seen with brown hair and blonde hair respectively.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kiki and Lala were originally born on Omoiyari Star (also known as the Star of Compassion)[1] in the Dream Star Cloud and travelled a long way to Earth to become "wonderful shining stars".[2]

They were born on December 24th (Christmas Eve).

The Little Twin Stars would spend time wondering about life on Earth and it was a planet that they had heard much about. They set out to Earth with permission from "Mother-Star" and "Father-Star" with the help of Lala's wand, and have been "spreading positivity, joy and love to everyone they meet" after arriving on Earth.

Kiki[edit | edit source]

Main article: Kiki.

Kiki is curious and full of energy, although he can come across as "flustered" or a little cheeky at times. He can fly through the sky using a star on his back. [3] He loves star fishing and inventions. He is a boy and is the younger one.

Lala[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lala.

Lala loves to draw and write poems and is great at cooking. She has a magic wand that gives her powers. She can come across as timid and cries easily. Lala is a girl and is the older one.

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