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Full name/Real name/Shorter name Marshmallow
Japanese name マシュマロみたいなふわふわにゃんこ
First appearance 2006
Based on Kitten
Gender Male
Nationality Paris, France
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Marshmallowmitainafuwafuwanyanko (meaning "fluffy kitty-cat who looks like a marshmallow"), or Marshmallow for short is a Sanrio character introduced in 2006, based on a cute white kitten.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Marshmallow is a fluffy white kitten with a beautiful singing voice. He can not speak a human language but is skilled at playing the piano and is practising it. His dream is to become a music star.

Marshmallow has a secret pocket on his belly containing a lucky marshmallow with a mysterious power inside. He lives in Paris with a Japanese fashion designer.

Marshmallow is about eight years old in human years.