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Many Mr. Men and Little Miss characters

Mr. Men and Little Miss is a franchise currently owned by THOIP, a subsidiary of Sanrio which began as a book series.

The Mr. Men and Little Miss books introduce characters with personalities based on their names; for example, Mr. Strong is the strongest man in the franchise, and Mr. Happy is a very happy character. Often the stories end with the characters getting their needs met, or a moral lesson. Born: January 25, 1971

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The franchise debuted in 1971 from a series of 49 "Mr. Men" children's books and later from 1981, a series of 42 "Little Miss" children's books created by British author Roger Hargreaves. After Roger Hargreaves' death in 1988, his son Adam Hargreaves produced newer Mr. Men and Little Miss stories.

The books have since been followed by multiple animated television series; including Mr. Men, Mr. Men and Little Miss and The Mr. Men Show.

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