Nemukko Nya~go

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Nemukko Nya~go
Nemukko Nyago.png
Full name/Real name Nemukko Nya~go
Japanese name ねむっこにゃ~ご
First appearance 2000
Based on Cats
Gender Male
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Nemukko Nya~go is a Sanrio character introduced in 2000.


A tea-inspired tabby cat from Japan. He is easygoing, and doesn't really care about overly detailed things. He is always sleeping, and loves fluffy cushions. At a meeting, he met a friend named Guu, who likes to nap. One time both of them slept, and a canary known as Pippi joined in. When the two wake up, they go out somewhere else. His birthday is May 25th (as 25 in Japanese can be corrupted to read "nya~go").

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