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Japanese name ぷちぷちわんこ
First appearance 2002
Based on Dog
Gender Male
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Puchipuchiwanko is a Sanrio character, introduced in 2002.

Profile[edit | edit source]

A petite white and brown-orange dog boy with a strawberry on his head, also known as "Puchiwan". His birthday is on October 15th (a day to celebrate dogs). He was born on a strawberry farm, and while a strawberry was being shipped Puchiwan was shipped with it by mistake. He is currently travelling to his hometown. He doesn't worry about little things, is lively, and loves to go on adventures. He doesn't know how to deal with rats/mice, so when he met one while having a walk, he had a bad time. According to a rumour, he is called Puchipuchiwanko. It also seems he is a cat's best friend. His favourite phrase is 「ちっちゃいことは、いいことだ?!!」 ("Small things are good?!!").