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Universe Puwawa
Japanese name プワワ
First appearance 1995
Based on Sea pup

Puwawa is a Sanrio character introduced in 1995 based on a sea pup.


Puwawa was born on the southernmost seafloor. If something moves, Puwawa will befriend it. Puwawa loves to gather shellfish. He/she is great friends with Powawa the cloud.

His/her birthday is the night of a full moon when a shooting star crosses the southern sky.[1][2]

In the media[edit]

Puwawa and Powawa appear in the video games Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Mirai Hen. They appear in the past version (Kako Hen) north east of the Field after the player talks to My Melody. Their role is to take the player to Sky Village after battling with them.


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