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Universe DokidokiYummychums
Japanese name りきち
First appearance 2003
Based on Rodent like creature, doctor?
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The article is missing: A translation of Rikichi's motto and "Yamu no Mori Mae-ten" (Japanese: ヤムの もり まえ てん).

Rikichi is a Sanrio character from the DokidokiYummychums universe, introduced in 2003.[1]


Ririki is the manager of Dokidoki Company's "Yamu no Mori Mae-ten" (Japanese: ヤムの もり まえ てん).

Rikichi appears as a rodent like creature with two inflated cheeks. He or she shows two big teeth. He or she wears a small yellow 'cube' hat, with a red "D" on it. Ririki wears a red uniform with a yellow "D" on it and white collars, as well as a yellow tie. His or her artwork is decorated with nuts.

Ririki seems to be responsible for ensuring everyone's good health.[confirmation needed] He or she likes to create music and draw. His or her favourite foods include crawfish and ice cream. He or she hopes that everyone is happy every day.