Sanrio Carnival

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Sanrio Carnival
Sanrio Carnival Famicom.png
Sanrio Carnival Game Boy.png
Publisher(s) Character Soft
Release date(s) Japan November 22, 1990
Japan May 11, 1991
(Game Boy)
Genre Puzzle
Platform(s) Famicom, Game Boy
Serial code(s) CTS-ZV (Famicom),
DMG-CSJ (Game Boy)

Sanrio Carnival (Japanese: サンリオカーニバル) are video games published by Character Soft for Nintendo's Famicom game system (known outside of Japan as the Nintendo Entertainment System) and Game Boy game systems.

Sanrio Carnival was succeeded by a sequel known as Sanrio Carnival 2.

It was released on November 22, 1990 for the Famicom, and on May 11, 1991 for the Game Boy, only in Japan.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The genre of this game is a puzzle game. The player must place blocks with various Sanrio character faces on them. Matching three of these characters (e.g. vertically) causes them to disappear and this counts as a 'line'.

There are various game modes, such as the Famicom version's introductory course (in which the playing field is small, Sanrio character icons are relatively large and the only objective is to make lines) and 'aim for a highscore' mode, in which the playing field is large, icons take up far less of the screen and the objective other than to clear lines is to score the most points and clear levels.

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