Show by Rock!! (video game)

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Show by Rock!!
SBR game.png
Developer(s) Geechs
Publisher(s) Geechs
Release date(s) Japan July 30, 2013
Japan June 27, 2014
Genre Rhythm, character development
Platform(s) iOS (iPad/iPhone)

Show by Rock!! is a rhythm video game for iOS and Android devices, officially known as a "Refreshing Rhythm Action & Character Training Game" developed and published by Geechs, released mainly for free but with a partial charge for items.[1]

The Show by Rock!! franchise itself is copyrighted to Sanrio, and multiple anime series based on Show by Rock!! have been released since the original release of the video game.


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In Show by Rock!!, the player can form one of 20 different bands and join tours. The main gameplay involves the band performing a song with special cards,[clarification needed] and after the player clears a stage they will be able to level up and access more songs and content.

The songs can be played at multiple star levels from 1-6[clarification needed], and gameplay involves the player hitting a musical note button as orbs move from the top to the bottom of the screen. Like many rhythm games, depending on how well the player hits a note, the player will receive a score, such as "Perfect" if a note was played in good rhythm. The player has a health system that is measured by a tension bar, and tension is influenced by the stats of the band.

From the beginning of the game the player can play over 40 tunes.

The player is also able to create an avatar with a customizable colour and species.


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