Taro the Space Alien

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Taro the Space Alien
Taro Tanaka.png
Universe A Penguin's Troubles
Full name/Real name Beckham Kinoshita
Japanese name うちゅう人田中太郎
First appearance 1998
Based on Space alien
Gender Male

Taro the Space Alien (うちゅう人田中太郎, romanisation: Uchujin Tanaka Taro) is a manga series by Yasunari Nagatoshi featuring a blue space alien with a yellow horn, known as Taro Tanaka, however a student known as Takashi Horimachi is also one of the main characters.

Taro lives in Anytown and visits school as a transfer student, but his mischievous ways and how he annoys Takashi causes trouble at the school.

Although Sanrio do not own the franchise, they have produced merchandise of Takashi in a CoroCoro Comic x Sanrio promotion.

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