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Universe Hello Kitty
First appearance 1976
Based on White rabbit
Gender Female

Note: Sanrio can no longer legally use this character, or legalise anymore Cathy products/derivative works. The image here is solely for documentation and fair use.

Cathy is one of Hello Kitty's friends.

She is a white rabbit character in pink/purple dress and a ribbon.

Comparisons with Miffy[edit | edit source]

She has been compared to the 1955/1963 character Miffy by Dick Bruna, but is a girl and lacks Miffy's signature "x" mouth, instead possessing a small round nose like some of Sanrio's other characters, such as My Melody.

Dick Bruna himself stated that Cathy is a copy of Miffy in his opinion.

"[She] is a copy [of Miffy], I think. I don't like that at all. I always think, "No, don't do that. Try to make something that you think of yourself"."

Cathy is also subject to a legal controversy, as in 2010 the matter was taken to court, and the courts ruled in favor of infringement of the character Miffy taking place, forcing Sanrio to discontinue the character. A civil agreement was taken out of court, and it was agreed that both parties would donate money to those hurt from the March 11, 2011 earthquake; which also likely inspired the Sanrio Character kara no ouen message, rather than Dick and related parties suing Sanrio financially per se.[1]

In other media[edit | edit source]

This list is heavily incomplete and is far from a general representation

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