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Mobile System GB was an online video game service by Mobile21 (a joint venture between Nintendo and Konami) for Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance systems connected to a mobile phone, with a cable known as the Mobile GB Adapter.

The only Sanrio related game that officially supported the Mobile GB Adapter was Hello Kitty no Happy House for the Game Boy Color where the service was used to send mail and furniture[1], however the melodies of some music tracks are shared between Hello Kitty Pocket Camera and "Mobile Trainer" (see below section).

Mobile GB Adapter[edit | edit source]

The Mobile GB Adapter[2], also known as the Mobile Adapter GB (Japanese: モバイルアダプタGB) is an obscure gaming peripheral for Nintendo's Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP systems.

The Mobile GB Adapter would connect to Mobile System GB via Japanese mobile phones in which it could be used for various online services such as sending and receiving email (through software such as Mobile Trainer that was originally packaged with the peripheral and was used to set up the system) or paid online battles in the Japanese version of Pokémon Crystal.

Sprite in Hello Kitty no Happy House:

Mobile Adapter sprite.png

The setup software for the adapter (Mobile Trainer) features at least two tracks that were planned in a different form in Hello Kitty Pocket Camera; see the following articles for more information:

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