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Welcome to Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki - The Sanrio Directory:HK.png

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~For fans of Sanrio by fans where we write about our favourite characters and their works~ ^-^ (started by User:Torchickens). It also serves as a reference site, database or directory for all things Sanrio, as well as franchises Sanrio owns the rights to in at least one country.

Feel free to ask User:Torchickens for any questions or edit for this very small community.

We also started Sanrio Wiki:Wall of fan works, check it out ^-^!

There are 3,318 articles on this wiki, which began in 2015.

You can find them on Special:AllPages.

Umm how do I edit?? 📚

Don't worry if you don't know, as people can wrongly take it for granted.

On these types of MediaWiki wikis, you scroll to the top of the page and click the "edit" tab (though it's a bit small) to enter some text, then submit it. This wiki doesn't have a modern editor, but an introduction to how to format the pages can be found here. Note the display of this wiki may not function right on a phone. Some pages may only have view source, if they have experienced heavy spam in the past.

See also:'s editing help guide (MediaWiki is the engine which Sanrio Wiki operates on. Anyone can use MediaWiki if they want)

Check out also the Fandom (Wikia) community (not affiliated with this wiki but important. In various respects we complement each other, with various unique information between each other).

Some day or another, the founder User:Torchickens might make the Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki independent from Shoutwiki/move it. If so it will be announced when that will be done, and if so she'll ask Shoutwiki if it can redirect there..

Gude~ ♥️

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What's a Sanrio, can I eat it? :3:
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...No Purin, don't!!! 😱

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Sanrio is a lifestyle brand inspired by the philosophy "Small Gift Big Smile". It is known for its many cute characters such as Hello Kitty, My Melody and Cinnamoroll and also works in areas including the animation and publishing industries.

With a company as large as Sanrio, we have lots and lots to write about. Any contributions are certainly welcome. Short articles or stubs are welcome too, as this wiki is still relatively very small in relation to the whole company.

Kuromi: Mwuhahaha but if anyone can edit it, I can put in KUROMI ROX!!! and blank the My Melody page.

My Melody: No no Kuromi-chan why?? Though you can add a non-conflicting comment that doesn't destroy things if you like, onegai? ^-^.

(Unlike lots of other factual wikis, we allow individualization; so feel free to make articles like this or add style, but things like removing content and/or adding false information or spam is wrong. We also generally require at least one picture or link/reference to an official Sanrio resource, for verification; given that Sanrio is so huge and lots of information has been made obscure over the past decades.)

And Usahana is like :o

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It's great to be colourful owo!

Please note this is not a fandom wiki (apart from the Sanrio Wiki:Wall of fan works section), nor should any articles be not linked to Sanrio at all. If too there are lots of unsourced edits in a quick time, they may have to be mass deleted as the userbase currently mainly consists of just one staff member)

Anything owned by Sanrio in at least one region, can be written here in as much detail you want, as are franchises heavily featured in The Strawberry News. ^^ However, it's suggested to also read a specialist wiki, such as Mr. Men Wiki for the Mr. Men and Little Miss franchise.

Did you know we have a Sanrio Wiki:Community portal? If you don't want to edit but still want somewhere to chat about Sanrio feel free to chat, and invite your friends. ^^

For parents; please note: A few articles on the wiki cover Sanrio and their partners' more controversial works. Category:Articles which may be upsetting or inappropriate for younger audiences

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Documenting merchandise

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If you have the product code for a piece of one of the near endless amounts of merchandise, you can create an article on it. Note that this wiki is still quite new and only has a few merchandise pages. The merchandise page should be formatted (Description) ([a numerical identifier]), e.g. "My Melody bag (bar code: [NUMBER])", though all the pages haven't been changed to reflect this yet.

You can also create articles on merchandise you don't know the product code for (if you mark them as (unidentified) in the article name). ^^

Other categories

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📚 Editing guide 📚

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Talk about Sanrio here and other topics.

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Task ideas for work on the wiki.

Sanrio news

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  • 2020: One of the latest franchises, Hapidanbui is revealed.

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