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Universe Cinnamoroll
Japanese name シナモエンジェルス
First appearance 2005
Based on Puppies
Gender Female
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The Cinnamoangels are team of Sanrio characters Mocha, Chiffon and Azuki from the Cinnamoroll universe, introduced in 2005.

The Cinnamoangels received their own song on the sanriojapan Youtube channel known as Cinnamoangels Da Mon.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Cinnamoangels is the name of a girl group that was formed from Mocha's dreams of becoming a television idol.

Mocha is the leader. She is fashion conscious and talkative and is "good at fashion coordination and sewing". It is her dream to eventually open up a fashion show. She is brown and wears two flowers on her ears.

Chiffon is full of energy and mischievous but serious with a strong sense of justice. She is also a positive thinker. She is beige and wears a colourful cap.

Azuki is a "little clumsy" but bright. She enjoys tea ceremony and speaks with Kansai dialect. She is beige and wears two colourful ribbons in her hear and has pink angel wings coming from her head.