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Universe Cinnamoroll, Cinnamoangels
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Mocha
Japanese name モカ
First appearance 2007
(as Cinnamoangels leader)
Based on golden rev puppy
Gender Female
Nationality stage
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Mocha is a Sanrio character introduced in 2007, from the Cinnamoroll and Cinnamoangels universe. Her birthday is March 15th.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mocha is a brown puppy with long ears and two flowers on her hair. She is the leader of the girl group Cinnamoangels who consist of Mocha, Chiffon and Azuki. Her birthday is on March 15th. She loves fashion and hopes to become a television idol one day. She is "good at fashion coordination and sewing". her first appearance was in 2005 but was created in 2007 Mocha is Golden Rev puppy with long lushy ears and is brown unlike most Golden Rev puppys
Peter Pig's Birthday is February 20th in Paboo and Mojies.