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Note: This game came from a leak. As with all copyrighted content on the wiki, information will be used here including a limited number of assets for fair use; but this is even more so a legal grey area, and playing the game may be illegal. Please don't make articles from newer generation leaked game prototypes however (i.e. Game Boy is permissible but not Nintendo Switch).
Hello Kitty Pocket Camera
Hello Kitty Pocket Camera.png
Publisher(s) N/A
Release date(s) Japan Cancelled
Genre Camera, minigames
Platform(s) Game Boy

Hello Kitty Pocket Camera was a cancelled version of Nintendo's Game Boy Camera. It was only discovered after a data breach in September 2020 which leaked the game online. It has an enhanced Super Game Boy border.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game serves as both a camera featuring Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters like Badtz-Maru, with stamp functionality and lets the player play minigames. The Hello Kitty Pocket Camera may be a spiritual successor to the Pocket Hello Kitty, as it uses the same currency (Kitt). Some of the music from this game also exists in an altered form in the Mobile Game Boy Adapter setup software Mobile Trainer.

Minigames/Modes[edit | edit source]

Staff credits[edit | edit source]

The staff roll is accessed via Channel 7 of the Strawberry Channel.

Hello Kitty Pocket Camera Staff

  • Supervisor: Hirokazu Tanaka
  • Director: Ryuuichi Nakada
  • Programmer: Dan Kongouji, Hatao Ogata
  • Assistant Director Movie Designer: Kentarou Nishimura
  • Graphic Designer: Ryuuichi Nakada, Masaki Mijita
  • Sound Programmer: Hirokazu Tanaka
  • Sound Composer: Minako Hamano, Kentarou Nishimura, Takanao Kondou
  • Art Work: Mijiko Nomura, Keizou Takaki
  • Hardware: Masahiko Oota
  • Special Thanks: Hiroshi Satou, Shinya Kawata, Super Mario Club, Tomotaka Murata, Yuuji Mijisaki, Junya Hanai, Kanako Mijisawa, Kouzou Uchida, Yuuko Tokuyama, Ryousuke Yamada, Tomoko Yuasa, Yasuyo Eguchi, Aiko Shimizubata
  • Producer: Takehiro Izushi

Presented by Nintendo

Music[edit | edit source]

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