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Universe Dorganman
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Turfy the horse
Japanese name ターフィー
First appearance 1983
Based on Racing horse
Gender Male
Nationality Horse land

Turfy is a Sanrio character co-owned by Sanrio and Japan Racing Association (JRA). The name was originally created by former Disney employee Bob Moore between 1983-2003, however, Sanrio artist Hisato Inoue (responsible for Bad Badtz-Maru and Hangyodon) would create the character design.

Turfy then, in some respects, is an official Sanrio character, but like Donragon the rights are more complex, and Turfy does not have their own page on the character listing. Turfy also has his own official website called Turfy Land, hosted by JRA.


Turfy is a brown standing anthropomorphic horse, with short blonde hair. Turfy wears a shirt with his name on it and wears shoes, gloves. Turfy has a signature theme song called Turfy Dance no Let's Go Dance.

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